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HC 62 BOX 1065
760-647-6484 Tel/Fax

Printable version Adobe Acrobat Document of cabin rates, information and reservation form. This is a three-page information sheet listing cabin furnishings, equipment, do's and don't's.

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HC 62 BOX 1065
BRIDGEPORT CA 93517-9602
or Resort direct at
760.937.0635 (May 20 thru Oct. 10)


2021 Cabin Rates
ALL CABINS ARE HOUSEKEEPING (see below for specifics)

Cabins #1 thru #9 have a scenic view of Little Virginia Lake
Guests Per Day Per Week
#1 Three bedrooms upstairs, 2 with queens and one with 4 twins. Spacious living room has two queen sofa sleepers downstairs. Two-story with fireplace and large wrap-around sundeck. Main bathroom downstairs has a shower. Also, has a large kitchen with dining area overlooking the lake. Upstairs has ½ bath.
5 $226 $1356
  6 250 1500
  7 284 1704
  8 327 1962
  9 max 381 2286

 #2 Two bedrooms, one with a queen and one with 2 twin beds. Livingroom has a queen sofa sleeper. Split level with kitchen and sundeck overlooking the lake. Bathroom has a shower. Danish fireplace.
2 148 888
  3 163 978
  4 186 1116
  5 max 212 1272

 #3 Two bedrooms, one with a queen and the other with 1 queen and 1 twin. Spacious living room has a queen futon. Split level with Danish fireplace and large sundeck overlooking the lake. Large kitchen, breakfast bar and dining area. Bathroom has a shower.
3 176 1056
  4 199 1194
  5 223 1338
  6 max 246 1476

 #4 Two bedrooms, one with a queen and one with 2 twins. Split level with kitchen, and sundeck overlooking the lake.
Bathroom has a shower.
2 138 828
  3 147 882
  4 max 160 960

Cabins #5, 6, 7 and 8 have the best view of Little Virginia Lake.
 #5 Two bedrooms, one with a queen and one with 2 twins. Living room has 1 single bed. Split level with a stone fireplace and separate kitchen. Sundeck overlooking the lake. Bathroom has a shower. 2 141 846
  3 153 918
  4 174 1044
  5 max 202 1212

 #6 Two bedrooms, one with a queen and one with 2 twins. Spacious living room/kitchen area. Split level with Danish fireplace. Bathroom has a shower. Covered porch with sundeck overlooking the lake. 2 139 834
  3 153 918
  4 max 171 1026

#7 One bedroom with a queen bed, kitchen, and bathroom has a shower. Sundeck facing the lake. 2 max 121 726

#8 One bedroom with 2 twins, kitchen, and bathroom has a shower. Sundeck facing the lake. 2 max 124 744

 #9 One bedroom with a queen, 1 twin and 1 single bed. Large sundeck overlooks the lake; kitchen and fireplace. Bathroom has a shower. 2 128 768
  3 max 146 876

Cabins #11 thru #20 are on Virginia Creek.
  One bedroom secluded cedar cabins with a Danish fireplace that uses 16 inch firewood. Cabins have a queen in the bedroom and 3 singles in the living room except #11 has a queen in the bedroom and a Futon with two singles in the living room; Cabin 15 has two twins in the bedroom and 3 singles in the living room. All cabins have a kitchen, bathroom with a shower and a sliding glass door to the sundeck facing the creek. 2 125 750
  3 136 816
  4 148 888
  5 max 169 1014

Please see the printable version Adobe Acrobat Document - a reservation form is at the bottom.

Rates do not include 12% Mono County Bed Tax.


Cabins may possibly have a fuel surcharge.


CABINS ~ Smoking is not allowed in any cabin, nor is rearranging the furniture for any reason.
Housekeeping means cabins are equipped with linens and bedding; kitchens are stocked with cooking and eating utensils, percolator coffee pots, stoves, refrigerators, and heaters. All cabins have fireplaces, except Cabins 4, 7 and 8. All cabins have showers and hot water.
D E C K   C H A I R S   A R E   P R O V I D E D for the cabins and not for fishing.

We do not provide dish soap, paper towels or firewood for the cabins.

DO NOT USE high wattage electrical appliances (flat hair-straigthener or flat curling irons, blow dryers, clothes iron, ELECTRIC COFFEE POTS, skillets, toasters, etc.) or your electricity will shut off automatically. We generate our own electricity and the generators are periodically shut down for regular maintenance. We will not be held responsible for any damage to your electronic equipment due to generator surges. Hand held curling irons, small stereo units, VCR’s, DVD’s and televisions are acceptable.

Please bring extra cooking equipment if you have a large group or plan to do a lot of cooking.  Cabins are not equipped with baking utensils, but if you need something, please come to the Lodge and ask us.

Towels are provided and changed after 3 nights (on 4th day).  Linen is exchanged after one week. Please bring towels and linen to the Lodge for replacement. 

CABIN RESERVATIONS ~  We do NOT accept CREDIT/DEBIT cards (Strong satellite signal not available).  Reservations are for a one-week minimum from June 15 to August 15, and a 3-night minimum from opening to June 15 and from August 15 to closing depending on availability. Occasionally we get cancellations between 6-15 and 8-15 and we will rent for less than one week. Larger cabins on the lake are subject to a ONE WEEK minimum all season.

Weekly rate is based on occupancy of the SAME GUESTS for the week, otherwise daily rate applies.  No more than the maximum listed number of guests are allowed in any cabin.  We charge for children starting at age three.  We DO NOT provide linen or towels for toddlers NOT CHARGED FOR (under age 3), but we can provide them for a nominal charge of $10/per toddler (towels and bed linen).

PETS ~ There is a $40 charge per pet, which is non-refundable.  Pets must be leashed and maintained.  Please do not leave pets unattended inside or outside your cabin to disturb others.  You will also be responsible for any damage in the cabin caused by your pet.  We will provide sheets to cover furniture if your pet sheds heavily, please ask for them.

LODGE ~ Check Lodge for hours before and after the dates below:
Lodge hours are from 6:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. except Tuesday, 6:30 a.m. to 12:00 Noon..

The Lodge serves breakfast from 7:00 am to 11:00 am; lunch from 11 am to 6 pm daily except Tuesday, breakfast from 7:00 am to 11:00 am .
Breakfast and Lunch Menu Adobe Acrobat Document.

We sell basic food items, dairy products, beer, wine, firewood and souvenirs. Fishing licenses are NO longer available at the Lodge, please purchase them at or your local sporting goods store on their automated machine.

We freeze perishables, including fish limits at no charge to resort guests.

   3  Hours.....$26      6  Hours.....$41          All Day.....$68

Trumbull, Big Virginia and Little Virginia Lakes are stocked weekly with Rainbow Trout. All ten lakes have Brook trout and Brown trout, and the Department of Fish and Wildlife stocks brood fish throughout the season. Trophy fish are stocked monthly and are in the 3-10-pound range. 

NO GAS MOTORS OR SWIMMING ALLOWED IN ANY OF THE LAKES, except for COONEY Lake (it is your drinking water).

Target shooting area is available; please ask at the Lodge for directions. NO air rifles, pellet guns, paint guns, BB guns or wrist rockets allowed in the area.

HUNTING SEASON ~  Hunting is not allowed within 1 mile of resort, or on private property in the canyon. Field dressing any game is NOT permitted inside, outside or near your cabin. No discharge of firearms allowed within 1 mile of any occupied building.

HUNTING / FISHING GUIDES ~  Please make arrangements with your guide to meet in the main parking lot; they are not allowed to drive to your cabin in order to pick you up.

SEASON ~ Open Memorial weekend (weather permitting), closing October 6, 2021.

DEPOSIT ~  We DO NOT ACCEPT credit or debit cards.
Deposits are PER WEEK/per cabin. $350 deposit for Cabins 4 thru 9 and 11 thru 20; #1 is $550, #2 and #3 are $450. The balance is due at check-in, and you may pay by traveler's checks, personal check or cash.
DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE without 90 days prior notice and re-renting your cabin (see CANCELLATIONS below).

CANCELLATIONS ~ 2016 CHANGE (please read)
A 90-day notice prior to original reservation date and RE-RENTING your cabin is REQUIRED for deposit refund. If we do not rent your cabin, you will lose your deposit, medical emergencies included. This also applies to multiple cabin reservations and multiple weeks. In addition to forfeiture of deposit, you will be billed for the remaining balance at the lowest occupancy rate for the full reservation period, if period of cabin wan not rented.
Multiple cabin reservations: If one cabin cancels for a medical reason the other cabins will not get refunds.

MEDICAL NOTICE ~ If you have a heart condition or any breathing problems, please check with your doctor prior to making a reservation.  Elevation at the resort is 9770 feet with hiking trails which may exceed 11,000 feet.

RETURNED CHEKS ~ There is a $25 charge for all returned checks.

OCCUPANCY CHANGES ~ Please notify us of any occupancy changes at least 48 hours prior to scheduled arrival.  If we are not notified of occupancy changes, you will be charged for either the original number of occupants or the actual reserved number of occupants, whichever is greater.  Please phone 760.647.6484.

REFUNDS ~ Sorry, no refunds for early departure, personal reasons or bad weather due to frozen lake, snow, or rain.

Multiple cabin reservations: If one cabin cancels for a medical reason the other cabins will not get refunds.

CABIN KEY ~  A $20 refundable cash deposit is required for a second key.  We will refund your cash deposit when you turn in your key (any time prior to your departure).  If you fail to return the second key, we will not return your deposit.

CHECK-IN ~  3:00 PM ~ Let us know if you are planning to check in LATER THAN SCHEDULED.

CHECK-OUT ~ 11:00 AM  ~ Please be prompt to allow us to prepare the cabin for the next guest. 
      If you are planning on an early departure, please notify the Lodge.

LATE ARRIVALS ~ Cabin will be unlocked.  Please check in at the Lodge by 10:00 a.m. the following morning.

DAY VISITORS ~  Please notify the Lodge if you are having day visitors and have them park in the Lodge parking lot.
   Consistent daily visitors will be considered an occupant and will be charged $25/per day.

OVERNIGHT VISITORS ~ Overnight visitors will be charged $25 per person per night ($50 per person for Cabins #1, #2 and#3) and may park by your cabin.  Please have them check in at the Lodge to register their vehicle.  Occupancy may not exceed the maximum listed for that cabin including overnight visitors.

MEDICAL NOTICE ~ If you have a heart condition or any breathing problems, it is suggested you check with your doctor prior to making a reservation. Elevation at the resort is 9770 feet with hiking trails, which may exceed 11,000 feet.

THANK YOU.  John and Carolyn Webb
       760.647.6484 Tel/fax or Resort Direct summer 760.937.0635

Last updated July 14, 2021
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