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VLR Area MapVirginia Lakes Canyon has ten crystal alpine lakes, most containing native brook and brown trout along with air stocked rainbows. Click here for 3-D TOPO map (467Kb)

Little Virginia, Big Virginia and Trumbull Lakes are stocked weekly with rainbows, and also have brook and brown trout. Moat Lake has brookies and is the only lake in the drainage that has a few remaining golden trout.

There are no special fishing regulations for the area. Limit is five trout per day. Be sure and read the regulations regarding the possession of trout in order to avoid getting a ticket for over-limit.

There are several methods used for bait fishing, power bait, eggs, and worms. Each type of bait can be fished in the same way by using a small ¼ oz. sliding egg sinker behind a swivel and 18-24" or three-pound leader with a small treble hook, single egg hook or single bait hook. Of course, there are other methods that work well, so be sure and stop in at the Lodge and ask which method is working the best.

Fly fishing is also extremely popular in the area along with the use of float tubes. The hatches at higher elevations are typical to the lower elevations, but are either longer or shorter in duration, which can be an advantage. Various fly lines used are floating, sinking, sink-tip, etc.

NOTE: We are requesting that fly fishermen NOT use fluorocarbon tippets in these waters, as they do not break down like monofilament. The possible fewer fish that you catch cannot outweigh the detriment of discarded fluorocarbon material. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

Fishing Big Virginia Lake
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Lures are another popular method for attracting trout. Fishing deeper lakes with lures will benefit the fisherman's wallet as the weeds are near the edges of most lakes, and will lighten your tackle box. Most lures should weigh at least 1/6 oz. to ¼ oz. and no more. Certain lures work better early, mid-summer and then in the fall, and they are never consistent.

When fishing back country lakes with lures, it is recommended that two of the hooks be removed and the last pinched down, if you are practicing catch and release.

Proper catch and release methods should be used if you plan to release trout click here Adobe Acrobat document

If you wish to fish other areas, please stop in and talk to someone in the Lodge, as we have fished most of the drainages from Bishop to Highway 88 in Nevada and can answer your questions or send you to someone who can.

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