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Fishing Report

Oct 2 - 8, 2022  Virginia Lakes Resort Fish Report - Last Report for 2022

Weather:7am Temp  Sunrise/Sunset - FM Full Moon October 9th, Harvest Moon
Sunday 40º 6:53/6:39

Chilly again, 9am good ripple on the lake very light breeze. 1:30pm 76 degrees and a 1/4 moon last night. It's very warm for this time of year. Aspens are spectacular from 8500 feet up, and some are blown off around the resort. But it's spectacular.

Monday 35º 6:53/6:37

The chill keeps on. Aspens are in their prime and will continue to colorize (is that a word!) and deepen. Fishing was pretty good early am, but it got too warm and they went deep for comfort.

Tuesday 39º 6:54/6:36 Still cold and aspens are blown off right at the resort driveway, but everything still intact all the way to 395. Conway not in full color yet. Lake is flat.
Wednesday 41º 6:55/6:34 Much warmer by 10am, parking lot is full. Fishing was a bit slow today, getting too warm in the afternoon. But, two 4 plus pounders came out on rainbow powerbait.
Thursday 40º 6:56/6:33

Warmer, and aspens (COME NOW) are unbelievable. Fishing is ok if you know where and how to do it. Catching is a bit more tricky and mix up.

 Friday 35º 6:57/6:31

Cooler but warming fast, lake is flat, fly anglers did good if you had the right fly.

Saturday 36º 6:58/6:30 Cool, clear, fishing was slow until the clouds arrived and now it's picking up. Tons of people up here! If I didn't know better I would swear someone was giving away money from the sky. Guess it's the fall colors.

BFEF stocked 100 pounds in both lakes on Friday and not that many have come out.

CalTrans Work for Oct 10-17th.
Clean California Mono Lake Guardrail Project - On U.S. Highway 395 from Picnic Grounds Road to McPhearson Subdivision Road just north of Lee Vining, crews will be upgrading guardrail and installing safety enhancements Wednesday through Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. There will be one-way traffic control and drivers may experience 10-minute delays.

Anglers are still catching trout contracted by DFW to Desert Springs for the Eastern Sierra, and they are great fish, good looking, and good eating. AND BFEF stocked 100 lbs in both lakes for their Derby October 8th.

BAIT: WORMS have taken over as the go-to for the last couple days with powerbait holding second and micetails, pinched crawlers AND salmon eggs.

LURES: Same lures are still holding the number one spot: Red/gold Buoyant 1/6 oz., Blue/silver Buoyant 1/6oz, small gold Kastmaster, Gold Super Duper 501, gold Mepps "0", also Panther Martin's, and the re-make of the Hot Shot. Jigs and trout teasers are also pulling in some nice size trout.

FLY AND BUBBLE: This-was still big last week as it warmed up Saturday again with emergers and they will do better but probably a soft hackle any color will work with the spider trails coming off the pines, also try trimmed wing Elk Hair Caddis (I call my naked caddis). Go on-line and Google emerger fly patterns. Adams Parachute, mosquito #16-18, black gnat para #14-26, Griffith's Gnat, or any small dark flies. Also try a dry fly that is the color of dirt as I just saw a bunch of hoppers the same color as dirt and the black birds are chasing them around the parking lot. Pretty funny. Wow, spider trails just appeared this afternoon, so bring a bunch of soft hackles and tie 'em on and have some fun. Woohoo! Very few are catching because they are not adapting to the continual changing lake temperature.

FLY RODS: Streamers, Woolly's, Matuka's in dark colors or BH flash olive's, hoppers are moving to warmer areas, prince nymph, and emergers. Great hatches the last few days, dark mayflies (duns), with midges overwhelming the hatch. Also try the X-Caddis without a dropper, even some BH woolly buggers, and crystal flashy buggers. Bring it all, tie it on and chuck it. You may have a problem catching so patience is probably something you need to put in your tackle bag.

BACKCOUNTRY: Blue and Cooney have been producing on small dry flies like mosquitoes, Griffith's gnats, para-Adams small hoppers and other terrestials WHEN the temperature is perfect, like NOW. Most are using fly and bubble or worms. Barbless hooks are recommended to protect the resource since these lakes have not been air stocked in some time. Please help the resource by limiting your kill to what you can eat. Try using Owner Mosquito hooks for easy release.

NOTE: If the trout bleeds don’t throw it back into the lake, it will die. If you care about the resource please be careful when releasing fish back into the water and IT ATTRACKS BEARS.

BEARS have been a problem for the last 3 weeks, that is, one bear has broken into 22 unoccupied cabins in the sub-division, 2 trucks in our cabins, and 3 cabins in the  Big Virginia sub-division.



Trophy Trout for the week (*pix attached)
Little Virginia/LV, Big Virginia/BV, Trumbull/T*

Jim Lopes Fresno 4lb1 jig tag 1863 10-4 LV*
Brandon Upegui Lancaster 4lb9 tag 1856 Buoyant 9-5 LV*
Bob Dunn Simi Valley 4lb Rainbow Pbait 10-5 BV*
Leila Dunn LA 5lb Rainbow Pbait 10-5 LV*
Ben Gregory Beaumont 5lb3 tag 1750 Gulp Pbait 10-6 BV*
Alex Alvarado Santa Ana, 4lb tag 1334 crawler 10-7 Trumbull*
Brian Ward Ahwahnee 5lb3 tag 1995, 3lb1 tag 1995, powerworms 10-8 LV*


Brian Ward
Brian Ward Ahwahnee 5lb4 tag 1995, tag 1995 Pworms 10-6 LV

Jim Lopes
Jim Lopes Fresno 4lb1 tag 1863 Jig 1-4 LV

Lella Dunn
Leila Dunn LA 5lb tag 1729 Pbait 10-5

Alex Alvarado
Alex Alvarado Santa Ana 4lb tag 1334 crawler 10-7 Trumbull

Brandon Upegui
Brandon Upegui Lancaster 4lb9 tag 1856 Lure 10-5 LV

Bob Dunn
Bob Dunn Simi Valley 4lb Pbait 10-5 BV

Ben Gregory
Ben Gregory Beaumont 5lb3 tag 1750 Gulp Pbait 10-6 BV

Justin Huber
Justin Huber Mariposa 4lb9 tag 1975 pink Mtail 9-28 LV

Brent Lanigan
Brent Lanigan Dayton NV, 5lb5 Garlic Pbait 9-29 LV

Robert Lopez
Robert Lopez Ventura 5lb2 tag 1988 Pal Pch Pbait 9-24 LV

Timmy Stewart
Timmy Stewart Oakland 4lb9 tag 1487 Fly 9-21 LV

Ross Colbert
Ross Colbert condido 3lb9 tag 1322 BH Olive Woolly Bugger 9-24 LV

Ron Hulme
Ron Hulme Hemet 2lb8 lemon twist 9-21 BV

Pete Escalona
Pete Escalona Hemet 3lb6 tag 1819 Trout Teaser 9-23 LV

Michael Serda
Michael Serda Delano 2lb5 Lure 9-22 BV

Edmundo Figueroa
Edmundo Figueroa Bakersfield 3lb4 PB Atomic teaser 9-23 BV

Allan Lathan
Allan Lathan Simi Valley 4lb lure 9-16 BV

Eric Buschow
Eric Buschow 1000 Oaks 4lb7 tag 1926 Blk WoollyB 9-16

Gabriel Aceves
Gabriel Aceves Lancaster 2lb9 Pbait 9-16 BV

Jeff Bovero
Jeff Bovero Minden NV 4lb8 tag 1795

Jeff Bovero
Jeff Bovero Minden NV 5lb5 tag 1845 Gulp 9-16 LV

Jeff Dean
Jeff Dean Camarillo 4lb4 Grey Feather 9-17 LV

Kim Jensen
Kim Jensen Carlsbad 2lb9 tag 1928 Pbait 9-16 LV

Roger Wells
Roger Wells Truckee 5lb4 tag 01831 Fly 9-17 LV

Jon Cornellus
Jon Cornelius Covina 5lb15 tag 1884 Fly 9-8 LV

Tim Simmons
Tim Simmons Bakersfield 3lb3 tag 1823 Jig 9-9 LV

Rachel Shifman
Rachel Schifman LA 4lb5 tag 1991 PBait 9-10 LV

James Belles
James Belles Wildomar 4lb3 tag 1810 SalPch Pbait 9-5 LV

Harrison & Heidi Higaki
Harrison & Heidi Higaki San Mateo 4lb6 tag 1458, 3lb6 Mtail 9-7 LV

Fatma Ward
Fatima Ward Santa Barb 3lb4 Hookup 9-8 LV

Erica Murata
Erica Murata Vegas 5lb8 tag 1849 Mtail 9-4 LV

Dennis Nolan
Dennis Nolan Dayton NV 5lb tag 1905 Lure 9-8 LV

Criscian Higreda
Criscian Higareda Whittier 4lb7 tag 1859, 5lb tag 1826, 3lb4 tag 1700,
4lb9 tag 1670, 3lb4 tag 1861 Jig 9-4 LV

Al Livas
Al Livas West Covina 4lb2 Pbait 9-4 LV

Alan Cox
Alan Cox irvine 5lb tag 1938 Buoyant 9-1 LV

Anthony Majno
Anthony Majno Palmdale 5lb3 tag 1864 Crawler 9.2 LV

Barry Newberry
Barry Newberry Spokane WA 5lb15 tag 2522 Crawler 9-1 LV

Ben Reiss, Hayden Thill, Chris Taylor
Ben Reiss, Hayden Thill, Chris Taylor Murrieta 2lb6, 2lb1, 2LB2 Gulp 8-28 LV

Billy Boyle
Billy Boyle Oceanside 4lb5 tag 1697 Salm Pch Pbait 9-1 LV

Chris Arthur
Chris Arthur Stockton 4lb12 tag 1829 worm 9-3 LV

Chris Cahill
Chris Cahill LA 2lb3 Mtail 8-28 LV

Cindy Yee
Cindy Yee Roseville 4lb8 tag 1828 Pbait 9-3 LV

David Shaw
David Shaw Carmelian Bay 3lb1 Char Pbait 8-31 BV

Estevan McDonald
Estevan McDonald Hesperia 5lb8 tag 1844 jig 9-3 LV

Jon Yoshimine
Jon Yoshimine Anaheim 2lb13 tag 1696 Pinch crawler 9-3 LV

Jonathan Ceballos
Jonathan Ceballos Simi Valley 4lb8, 3lb Gold Kastmstr 9-1 LV

Jose Jaimis
Jose Jaimis Palmdale 5lb8 tag 1713 Pbait 9-2 LV

Maritza Ceballos
Maritza Ceballos Simi Val. 3lb4 tag 1107 Salm Pch Pbait 9-1 LV

Justin Vasquez
Justin Vasquez La Verne 4lb tag 1930 Jig 9-3 LV

Ross Colbert
Ross Colbert Escondido 4lb3 tag 1895, 4.5 tag 1868 Hookups 9-1 LV

Roy Branda
Roy Branda Concord 5lb2 tag 1882 worm 9-3 LV

Scott Spaulding
Scott Spaulding Palmdale 2lb4 tag 1978, 4lb7 Jig 9-2 LV

Sean Toida
Sean Toida torrance 2lb4 Pbait 9-2 BV

Steve Briksen
Steve Briksen torrance 4lb5 tag 1887 Garlic Pbait 9-2 LV

Weston Gouter
Weston Goutier age 12 Ramona 4lb tag 1867 Crawler 9-2 LV

Davide Mauro
Davide Mauro Lancaster 4lb Pbait 8-22 LV

Bianca Herrera
Bianca Herrera Whittier 2lb1 Pegg 8-15 LV

Colin Kozia
Colin Kozia torrance 2lb1 tag 524 Crawler 8-15 LV

Daryl Simons
Daryl Simons Mission Viejo 4lb2 Mtail 8-19 BV

Doug Martz
Doug Martz Simi Valley 3lb8 crawler 8-14 LV

Kiki Hwang
Kiki Hwang Whittier 4lb5 tag 1229 Pbait 8-14 LV

Michelle Hauck
Michelle Hauck San Jose 3lb2 Kastmaster 8-26 LV

Mike Boz
Mike Boze Thousand Oaks 4lb1 tag 1705 Pink cheese 8-18 BV

Shannon Carter
Shannon Carter Union City 3lb4, 4lb2, 4lb2 Pbait 8-16 LV

Stella Perez
Stella Perez Santa Clarita 2lb5 tag 1765 Crawler 8-20 LV

Tom Lamog
Tom Lamog Santa Clarita 5lb4 crawler 8-19 LV

Brian Baber
Brian Baber Temecula 3lb5 8 7 BV

Frank Zermeno
Frank Zermeno LA 2lb Mtail 8-7 BV

Grant Ogata
Grant Ogata Torrance 2lb6 Mtail Aug 10 LV

Jim Carl
Jim Carl San Marcos 4lb6, 2lb Pbait 8-6 LV

Ken White
Ken White Orange 4lb5 PMartin Aug 9 LV

Kyle Ogata
Kyle Ogata Torrance 4lb2, 2lb4 tag 1739 Mtail Aug 10 LV

Laurene Ogata
Lauren Ogata Torrance 3lb9 worm Aug 10 LV

Mark Willardson
Mark Willardson Encino 4lb4 Midge 8 7 LV

Michael Wells
Michael Wells Truckee 4lb7 tag 1614 Aug 8 LV

Scott Ogata
Scott Ogata Torrance 2lb2 worm Aug 10 LV

Sue Flood
Sue Flood IL 4lb2 Mtail Aug 12 LV

Taylor Pearson
Taylor Pearson Buena Pk 4lb9 tag 1787 Pworm Aug 12 LV

Trevor akiyoshi
Trevor Akiyoshi Upland 3lb9 jig Aug 11 LV

Uran Wu
Uran Wu LA 4lb14 Mtail Aug 10 BigV

Uran Wu
Uran Wu LA 4lb5 tag 1423 Fly Aug 11 LV

Victoria Hay
Victoria Hay Il 4lb5 Mtail Aug 13 LV

Vahn Jabarian
Vahn Jabarian age 13 Glendale 2lb1 PB 8-1 LV

Jim Carl
Jim Carl San Marcos 4lb6 2lb PB 8-6 LV

Shannon Carter
Shannon Carter Union City 3lb, 2lb, 2lb1, 2lb7, 3lb5 PB 8-4 BV

Ronnie Haigh
Ronnie Haigh , Quentin Barber Murrieta 3lb5 Yell PB, 2lb11 Corn PB 8-2 LV

Ron Haigh
Ron Haigh Murrieta 2lb8 PB 8-4 LV

Quentin Barber
Quentin Barber Murrieta 2lb13 Corn PB 8-2 LV

Omar Zavala
Omar Zavala Monrovia 4lb5 tag 1743 Buoy 7-31 LV

Noah Baldwin
Noah Baldwin age 5 San Diego 2lb PB 8-3 LV

Michael Tan
Michael Tan Culver City 2lb2 Mtail 7-31 LV

Kevin Muller
Kevin Muller San Carlos 3lb7 Mtail 8-2 BV

Kevin Muller
Kevin Muller San Carlos 2lb Mtail 8-1 BV

John Ponder
John Ponder San Diego 4lb5 tag 1401 fly 8-30 LV

Ethan Holy
Ethan Holy 2lb9, Nick Stutler 3lb4 tag 1454 San Marcos 8-4 LB

Eliana Akamine
Eliana Akamine age 5 Long Bch 4lb14 tag 1777 Mtail 803 LV

Dylan VanMeeteren
Dylan VanMeeteren Palm Springs 3lb8 Mtail 8-4 LV

Delores Davila
Delores Davila Long Bch 3 5lb LV

Delores Davila
Delores Davila Llong Bch 3lb9, 5lb6 Mtail 8-3 LV

 Danny Kodama
Danny Kodama San Dimas 4lb9 tag 1400 Pworm 8-3 LV

Alex Varelas
Alex Varelas Huntington Bch 3lb5 Lure 7-25 LV

Alex Varelas Jr.
Alex Varelas Jr. Huntington Beach 4lb tag 1355 2lb11 Fly 7-29 LV

Anthony Loza
Anthony Loza Santa Barbara 4lb12 tag 1694 lure 7-27 LV

Bill Lau
Bill Lau San Gabriel 2lb8, 2lb2 Jig 7-24 LV

Bill Morita
Bill Morita and son West Hills 4lb12 PB 7-24 LV

Brian Tethers
Brian Tethers Santa Clarita 3lb6 tag 1425 Trout Whistle 7-30 LV

Chris Gubler
Chris Gubler Landers 3lb worm 7-24 BV

Derek Mason
Derek Mason San Jacinto 4lb3 powerworm 7-27 LV

Ella Schugt
Ella Schugt Irvine 2lb4 MTail7-29 LV

Gabe O'Haraand
Gabe OHaraand son LA 4lb5 tag 1746 MT, 3lb9 tag 1550 Sal Pch PB 7-28 LV

Geric Johnson
Geric Johnson Glendora 4lb1 PB 7-29 LV

Kaci Donaghey
Kaci Donaghey 4lb13 tag 1302 PB 7-30, Rawley Love 4lb5 tag 1284 PB Trumbull

Lou Rodriguez
Lou Rodriguez L 3lb2 Lure 7-30, Lorenzo Basulto 4lb14 tag 01761 Lure 7-30

Lou Rodriguez
Lou Rodriguez Riverside 4lb14 tag 1431 TBuoy 7-27 L

Makayla Hancock San Diego 3lb15 lure 7-25 L

Makayla Hancock
Makayla Hancock San Diego 4lb9 Buoyant 7-27 LV

Mike Wood
Mike Wood Merced 3lb5 Buoyant 7-27 LV

Monica Wakefield
Monica Wakefield monrovia 3lb2 PB 7-27 LV

Nick Varelas
Nick Varelas Huntington Beach 5lb2 tag 1675, 4lb2 tag 1644 Mtail 7-28 LV

Peggy Bristol
Peggy Bristol Wellington NV 5lb9 tag 1699 Rapala 7-27 LV

Palchoi Sakdavisarak
Polchoi Sarkdavisarak San Dimas 2lb9, 3lb0 tag 1358 Corn PB 7-28 LV

Sebastian Bon
Sebastian Bon Vallejo 3lb7 tag 1401, Stefan Foley 4lb12 tag 1435 7-27 LV

Shari Johnson
Shari Johnson Azusa 2lb PB 7-29 LV

Steve Bodeur
Steve Brodeur Genoa 3lb worm 7-24 BV

Steve Halll
Steve Hall Carson City NV 4lb1 Buoyant 7-28 LV

Ty Jensen
Ty Jensen Upland 3lb15 jig 7-27 BV

Vince Lesko
Vince Lesko, Ella Lasko Yucca Vly 4lb7, 2lb2 MTail crawler 7-27 LV.

Weston Brown
Weston Brown Encinitas 2lb3 PB 7-25 BV

Warren Clark
Warren Clark Antioch 4lb2 tag 1715 pinch crawler 7-22 LV

Warren Clark
Warren Clark Antioch 4lb2 pinch crawler 7-21 LV

Tom Donnellan
Tom Donnellan Diamond Bar 3lb tag 726 Mouse Tail 7-22 big V

Skyler Cotton
Skyler Cotton Nevada City 2lb3 PBait 7-22 Big V

Sarah McGillivray
Sarah McGillivray Santa Cruz 3lb powerB 7-22 LV

Riley Cotton
Riley Cotton Nevada City 5lb2 Powerbait 7-21 LV

Riley Cotton
Riley Cotton Nevada City 3lb4 Pbait 7-21 LV

Rick Wiesner
Rick Wiesner Carmichael 4lb14 tag 1382 Fly 7-23

Richard Natividad
Richard Natividad Baldwin Park 3lb7 Mousetail 7-21 Big V

Michael Cotton
Michael Cotton Nevada City 6lb tag 1748 Yellow PB LV

Michael Bone
Michael Bone Citrus Hgts 4lb2 tag 1788 Fly 7-23 LV

Matthew Limbauch
Matthew Limbauch Azusa 3lb7 tag 1766, 4lb2 tag 921 7-22 LV

Johanna Clark
Johanna Clark Antioch 2lb2 Pinch Crawler 7-22 LV

Jeremy Sheaffer
Jeremy Sheaffer Norco 4lb9 tag 1589 7-20 LV

Hewitt Morgan
Hewitt Morgan age 3 Weldon 3lb tag 1728 PB 7-19

Evie Sipple
Evie Sippel age 10 Auburn 4lb1 tag 1280 PBait 7-19 LV

Don Pierce
Don Pierce Granada Hills 3lb6 inflateed crawler 7-20 LV

Dan O'Toole
Dan O'Toole Woodland 4lb2 Mousetail 7-18 LV

Cindy Belleville
Cindy Belleville Placentia 4lb5 worm 7-29 Trumbull

Brian O'Keefe
Brian O'Keefe Laverne 5lb1 power worm 7-20 LV

Brian O'Keefe
Brian O'Keefe LaVerne 2lb6 power worm 7-17 LV

Andrew Contreras
Andrew Contreras age 11 Pangrey Grove IL 3lb3 PowerB 7-22 LV

Abby Uyeda
Abby Uyeda age 3 LA 1lb9 PB FIRST FISH 7-23

Daniel Valentino
Daniel Valentino Age 7 Antelope Valley 4lb1 tag 1024 crawler 7-10 LV

Frank Harris & Bill Reyes
Frank Harris & Bill Reyes Westminster 3lb3 garlic worms 7-16 LV

Jason Welch
Jason Welch Rancho Cucamonga 2lb3 Lure 7-15 LV

Julie Contreas
Julie Contreras Rancho Cucamonga 3lb5 garlic PB + dip 7-10 LV

Paul Benson
Paul Benson Ventura 2lb6 PB 7-13 LV

Paul Sossmeisl
Paul Rossmeisl Chatsworth 2lb3 tag 156 Sal Pch PB 7-11 LV

Seon Lee Fontana &  Diego Valesquez
Seon Lee Fontana 4lb6 tag 1126 powerworm 2lb3 7-10 LV with
Diego Velasquez Downey 3lb8 7-20 crawler LV

Shirley Sapena
Shirley Sapena Aptos 3lb4 worm 7-10 LV

Timmie Stewart
Timmie Stewart Oakland 4lb Fly 7-15 LV

Walt Bordeaux
Walt Bordeaux Reno 3lb6 crawler 7-15 LV

Andrew Trujillo
Andrew Trujillo Buena Park 3lb5 minijig 7-9 LV

Angela Lefevbrier
Angela Lefevbrier 2lb9, 2lb6 PB 7-9 LV

Audrey Zitnay
Audrey Zitnay Gilroy 2lb1 garlic PB 7-3 BigV

Avery Lefebrier
Avery Lefevbrier age 7 4lb5 tag 1304, 2lb8 PBait, 7-9 LV

Avery Lefebrier
Avery Lefevbrier age 7 Frisco 3lb3 PB 7-8 LV

Braydon Heier
Braydon Heier Las Vegas AZ 4lb3 tag 1287 Mtail 7-3 Trumbull

Brian Baber
Brian Baber 2lb7 Mtail 7-8 BV Judy Baber 2lb6, 3lb3, 3lb1 Mtail 7-8 BV

Chris Kent
Chris Kent Bakersfield 3lb5 PB 7-3 LV

Chris Osgood
Chris Osgood Rialto 3lb Sal pch roe dip 7-9 Trumbull

Dave Ward
Dave Ward Santa Barb 4lb tag 1307, 3lb4 Hookup 7-3 LV

Jacquie Ball
Jacquie Ball Manhat Bch 2lb9 7-4 LV

Jeff Paggi
Jeff Paggi 3lb4 tag 1108, 3lb1 Flys 7-3 LV

Jim Carl
Jim Carl , Ethan Holy San Marcos 3lb8 tag 1308, 2lb7 PB 7-6 LV

Joe Lefebrier
Joe Lefebvrier Cerritos 4lb5 tag 1248 Mtail 7-7 LV

Joe Lefevbrier
Joe Lefevbrier Cerritos 3lb2 tag 1329 Nymph 7-8 LV

Johanna Hertz
Johanna Hertz age 14 NV City 2lb7 pinch crawl LV

Kate Thomas
Kate Thomas Butiu Long Bch 3lb grn PB 7-7 LV.JPG

Mike Lefebrier
Mike Lefebrier Frisco 4lb6 tag 1285 Fly 7-9 LV

Tim Campbell
Tim Campbell Gilbert AZ 3lb8 Fly 7-6 LV

Uriah Ruffner
Uriah Ruffner 13 Castaic 6lb2 tag 1297, 3l5b tag 1204, 2lb8 tag 1528 7-5 T

Vahid Behmaram
Vahid Behmaram Reno NV 3lb5, 3lb Yelll PB 7-4 BigV

Bella Kova
Bella Kova Hunt Bch 4lb6 Pworm 7-1 LV

Austin Balzano
Austin Balzano age 8 La Habra 2lb5 yell Pbait 7-2 Big V

Betty Stelzl
Betty Stelzl Paso Robles 3lb4 Pworm 6-28 LV

Bill Day
Bill Day Westminster 4lb1 tag 892 PBait 6-27 LV

Brett Terry
Brett Terry Santa Rosa 5lb Buoyant 6-26 LV

Dan Mendez
Dan Mendez San Bernardino Mtail 4lb5 tag 1243 6-29 LV

Danny Martinez
Danny Martinez Murietta 4lb6 tag 919, 4lb6 tag 1069, 3lb4 tag 1068, 3lb5 tag 1180,
2lb1 tag 1036, Hookup Bait 6-30 Trumbull

Elliott Anderson
Elliott Anderson Los Alamaitos 3lb4 tag 1163 Mtail 6-30 LV

Emily Stezl
Emily Stezl Paso Robles 3l3 Pworm 6-29 LV

Glenn Halverson
Glenn Halverson Laguna Hills 3lb5 Minijig 7-1 LV

Harlow Tiffany
Harlow Tiffany age 10 La Verne 3lb1, 3lb1 Cnky Cheese 6-30 LV

Harrison & Heidi
Harrison & Heidi Higaki 4lb4, 4lb7, 3lb4, 2lb4 San Mateo 6-29 LV

Jackson Nichols
Jackson Nichols age 7 Fountain Valley 4lb9 tag 1317 Grn Pbait 7-1 T

Jake Balzano
Jake Balzano Eastvale 2lb6 yell PB 7-1 BigV

Jay Martzolf
Jay Martzolf Tucson AZ 2lb8, 3lb2, 3lb6 6-29 LV

Jeff Stelzl
Jeff Stelzl Paso Robles 4l4 crawler 6-27 LV

Jeremy Newton
Jeremy Newton Lake Havasu 3lb6 nymph 7-1 LV

Jeremy Newton
Jeremy Newton Lake Havasu 4lb9 Yell Pbait 7-2 LV

Jesse newton
Jesse Newton Parker AZ 3lb6 Pbait 6-29 LV

Justin Gutierrez
Justin Gutierrez Simi 4lb5 tag 1254 Jig 7-1 LV

Kaleb Todokon
Kaleb Todokon San Diego 4lb5 Fly 6-30 BV

Luis Lozada
Luis Lozada Anaheim 3lb4 tag 740 3lb7 tag 968 7-2 LV

Mike & Natalie Ng
Mike & Natalie Ng age 6 Half Moon Bay 4lb7 tag 1158 6-27 LV

Paul Gacalone
Paul Giacalone 1000 Oaks 4lb3, 4lb tag 1320 7-2 T

Piper Weinmuller
Piper Weinmuller age 10 Santa Clarita 4lb7 tag 954 6-29 BV

Ruben Galarza
Ruben Galarza Fontana 3lb1 tag 1370, 3lb2, 2lb8 Mtail 6-29 LV

Ruben Garcia
Ruben Garcia Burbank 3lb tag 1238 Mtail 6-29 T

Russell Groves
Russell Groves Coarsegold 4lb2 tag 1257, 3lb tag 1237 T

Ryan Leong
Ryan Leong OC 4lb4 tag 1318 7-2 LV

Scott Bohemer
Scott Bohemer Dayton NV 3lb5 garlic iPbait 7-2 LV

Shawn Lominario
Shawn Lominario Monterey eggshell spoon 3lb3 7-1 LV

Victor Lopez
Victor Lopez, Nico Lopez age 12 Ventura 5lb8, 4lb mousetail LV

Scott Duff
Scott Duff Fullerton 3lb7 powerworm 6-19 LV

Robert Lauprecht
Robert Lauprecht Whittier 3lb8 Rooster Tail 6-24 LV

Patrick Hammon
Patrick Hamman Yucaipa 3lb8 Fly 6-20 LV

Owen Wake
Owen Wake age 5 Porter Ranch 3lb5 tag 1210 6-24 LV

Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez Chula Vista 3lb4 tag 537 Taz Devil 6-22 LV

Linda Erikson
Linda Erickson Templeton 2lb9 tag 662 pinch crawl 6-22 BV

Ken Gordan
Ken Gordan Colts Neck NJ 3lb6 tag 1139 Rain Garlic PB 6-22 Trumbull

Jeri Vallencour
Jeri Vaillencour Aliso Viejo 3lb4 tag 529 Fly 6-24 BV

Jake Khasaempanth
Jake Khasaempanth Corona 4lb12, 2lb2 tagged 6-22 LV

Donna Anderson
Donna Anderson Encino 4lb4 tag 1034 Fly 6-24 LV

Derek Spaulding
Derek Spaulding age 11 palmdale 3lb tag 1128 pinch crawl 6-23 Little V

Dean Wake & Family
Dean Wake and family Porter Ranch 3lb9 mousetail 6-21 LV

Andrew Schmidt Mason
Andrew Schmidt and Mason Oceanside 3lb3 tag 425 rainbow PB 6-22 BV

Alicia Acuna
Alicia Acuna Minden NV 2lb9 yellow PB 6-25 LV

Abi Hammon
Abi Hamman age 14 Yucaipa 2lb4 tag 513 Fly 6-23 BV

Armando Gonzales
Armando Gonzalez Riverside 4lb4 tag 828 gordito 6-18 Little V

Craig & Candace Fuchino
Craig and Candace Fuchino La Palma crawler 3lb5 tag 764, 3lb9 tag 1632 LV

Dan Breuer
Don Breuer Hesperia 3lb5 tag 640 mousetail 3lb5 6-14 Big V

Jake Tabor
Jake Tabor age 11 Prunedale 2lb3 mousetail 6-13 Big V

Justin Lee
Justin Lee and wife Santa Clara 4lb mousetail 6-16 Big V

Justin Lee
Justin Lee Santa Clara 4lb mousetail 6-16 (Small)

Jordan Hauk
Jordan Hauk Anaheim Hills 2lb14 tag 554 Garlic Powerbait Big V

Josephine Ikehara
Josephine Ikehara Cypress 3lb rainbow powerbait 608 Big V

Joshua Olsen
Joshua Olsen Alhambra 3lb10 tag 526 Kastmaster 6-10 Big V

Mitch Rabun
Mitch Rabun Mission Viejo 3lb6 tag 635 6-18 Big V

Nick Canale
Nick Canale Huntington Beach 3lb4 tag 698 "Carolyn special" 6-18 LV

Russ Fukunaga
Russ Fukunaga Long Beach pink/white mousetail 2lb68 6-13Big V

Tim Sawyer
Tim Sawyer Atascadero 3lb8 worm/mallow 6-15 Big V

Robert Bertram
Robert Bertram Santa Clarita 3lb9 tag 522 powerbait 6-4 LV

Annalee Owen
Annalee Owen age 10 Buoyant 3lb5 tag 788 6-3 LV

Brian Baber
Temecula 3lb3 tag 542 mousetail 6-4 LV

Eli Keane
Eli Keane Corona 3lb2 gold lure tag 517 LV

Gary Kornahrens
Kornahrens Santa Cruz 3lb7, 3lb7 Tag 684 mousetail 6-4 Little V

Greg Goode
Goode Templeton Buoyant 3lb1, 3lb2 tagged 6-3 LV

Harry Bertram
Hunter Bertram Santa Clarita 3lb5 tag 803, 4lb tag 622 6-4 LV

Holden Nix
Holden Nix Dallas TX 3lb5 tag 551 Buoyant 6-4 Little V

Hunter Bertram
Hunter Bertram Santa Clarita 3lb5 tag 803, 4lb tag 622 6-4 LV

Neikl Mnaam
Neil Minami Torrance 3lb7 Buoyant 6-4 LV

Scarlet Silva
Scarlet Silva age 10 Montclair 3lb1 6-4 LV

Scott Crabbs
Scott Crabbs El Segundo 3l4 tag 570, 3lb8 tag 815, 3lb9 tag 672  lures 6-4 LV

Steve Tabor
Steve Tabor Prunedale, Fly tag 707 3lb1 6-13 LV

Tim Selders
Tim Selders Glendora 3lb5 tag 750 crawler 6-4 LV

Aaron Nix
Aaron Nix Atascadero Big V 4lb tag 839 6-3 Lure

Nathan Owen
Nathan Owen Ontario 3lb8 tag 824, 2lb3 tag 609 6-3 LV



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