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Fishing Report

September 12 - 18th, 2021  Virginia Lakes Resort Fish Report

Weather: -  (7am Temp  Sunrise/Sunset - FM Full Moon)
Sunday 42º 6:35/7:10 Clear with light breeze all day.
Monday 41º 6:36/7:09 Clear and calm. Light haze around 5pm.
Tuesday 38º 6:37/7:07 Clear and calm. It's warm at 80 degrees at 11:30am. Fish are sluggish today.
Wednesday 42º 6:38/7:05 Light haze, no breeze and very warm 84 degrees at 12:30 with a light breeze.
Thursday 40º 6:39/7:04 Haze from Sequoia/King's Cyn fires/breeze last night dropped the temp. Inyo Forest is OPEN.
 Friday 38º 6:39/7:02 Cold this morning, with 168 air quality, and dropping; wind gusts, and light wind the rest of day.
Saturday 41º 6:40/7:01

Crystal clear air but cold and windy, blew all night hard but not as heavy now but calming down with big gusts most of the morning.

Starting temperature was DEFINITELY cooler this week with perfectly clear air except for W-Thur-Fri. More and more aspens have started to turn yellow around the lake and cabins  and starting to turn along the road toward the pack station. Looks like we are going to have a great fall-color event.

Trumbull (Trumble) was not stocked all year by DFW probably due to the YEAR-ROUND fishing 5/10 limit. This is NOT a good thing. I urge anyone that disagrees with this new regulation to submit their objection to the CA Fish and Game Commission as soon as possible. Go to their web-site and download the form, fill it out and mail to them, or phone them. Explain your reasons in detail so they understand it's been part of your family tradition for "blank number of years" and the fishing has always been good due to the fact that DFW has stocked regularly. BFEF stocked trophies in Trumbull in July and another full load went into the lake on the 19th, so I'm hoping for some good reports when the lakes temperature settles and it has with great photos from all the trophies caught out of Trumbull most of the week. It's great news and very exciting.

EASTWALKER RIVER - September 12, 2021
Well, unfortunately the night time temperatures have not been very cold this past week and the water temps on the EW are still in the high 60’s in the morning and the low 70’s in the afternoons. It’s probably still best to leave the river alone for the time being, hopefully the weather pattern will change soon so the water temperatures lower and we can get back out there! We’ll keep you posted as best we can when things down there are ready!

BAIT: Top spot for the week is salmon peach, and salmon egg powerbait) pinched crawlers, chartreuse and garlic rainbow glitter powerbait. But night crawlers are always a good bet, then pinched crawlers. Just bring everything, you can make up your own combination. Water is 60 degrees

LURES: Red/gold Buoyant/6 oz., gold Kastmaster, bleeding frog Buoyant 1/6, Black with yellow dots Panther Martin, mini jigs, and your favorite lure whatever it is fling it.

FLY AND BUBBLE: Try the same stuff - Mosquito, Black Gnat/red tail, Grey Hackle Yellow, Griffith's Gnat, Prince nymph, black gnat parachute, Adams female, and grey hackle peacock red tail. Blue is still doing well with flies on the south side with small gold Kastmaster's and Red Devil 1/6 oz. Cooney had some action the south side casting toward the middle and letting it move toward the outlet, so you have to be in the southeast corner.

FLY RODS: Again, standard stuff from last week using streamers, grey midges, black ants size 12, Dave's hoppers #12, prince nymphs, and emergers (EC Caddis emerger) on intermediate sink tip. Try a 2 fly rig - Olive Doc's Twin Lake Special with a dropper (Prince, Zug bug or pheasant tail). Still some hatches going off, dark mayflies (duns) and lots of midges still. June bugs are still here. Also try the X-Caddis without a dropper, even some flash tri-color buggers, and crystal flashes. Bring it all, close your eyes and pick something. Tie it on and you'll probably do well. You will not have a problem catching, although it may be small, it's a trout, and it's a heck of a lot of fun. Water is very warm so go deeper.

BACKCOUNTRY: No reports  Only my report as not many reports other than what is standard for the front country lakes, but try and use a fly/bubble combo to keep the fish healthy if you do not plan to keep any. Pinching down your barbs would also help the resource if you plan to practice catch-and-release. Flies to try are Green Body mosquito, small Griffiths Gnat, Black Caddis, small Grey Hackle Yellow, Professor, and black gnat parachute.

NOTE: Please learn how to release trout without harming them if you plan to go for larger fish. All fish need careful handling. Do NOT use rags, drag along the shore or touch their gills! If the trout bleeds don’t throw it back into the lake, it will die. If you care about the resource please be careful when releasing fish back into the water and IT ATTRACKS BEARS.


Trophy Trout for the week (*pix attached)
Little Virginia/LV, Big Virginia/BV, Trumbull/T*

Marc Cervellino Palo Alto 4lb2 tag 1322 Crawler 9-13 LV*
Richard Riggs Costa Mesa 4lb3 tag 1392 Orange mice tail 9-13 LV*
Jeff Burkhardt Mission Viejo 5lb8 tag 1675 rainbow garlic glitter 9-17 LV*
Jeff Burkhardt Mission Viejo 4lb8 tag 1641 rainbow garlic glitter 9-18 LV*
Russ Agawa Orange Cnty 3lb crawler 9-18 crawler 9-18 LV*
Lauren Perez Tehachapi 4lb1 rainbow powerbait 9-18 BV*


Jeff Burkardt
Jeff Burkhardt Mission Viejo 4lb8 tag 1641 rainbow garlic glitter 9-18 LV

Jeff Burkhardt
Jeff Burkhardt Mission Viejo 5lb8 tag 1675 rainbow garlic glitter 9-17 LV

Lauren Perez
Lauren Perez Tehachapi 4lb1 rainbow powerbait 9-18 BV

Marc Cervellino
Marc Cervellino Palo Alto 4lb2 tag 1322 Crawler 9-13 LV

Richard Riggs
Richard Riggs Costa Mesa 4lb3 tag 1392 Orange mice tail 9-13 LV

Russ Ogawa
Russ Agawa Orange Cnty 3lb crawler 9-18 crawler 9-18 LV

Tom French
Tom French Escondido 5lb 01341 Worm 8/30 Little V

Sean Meeham
Sean Meeham 4lb2, Scott Meeham Roseman 4lb3 salmon peach,
Davide Mauro Lancaster 2lb10, 3lb5, 3lb7 salmon peach 8-30 Little V

Scott & Chris Shintani
Scott Shintani 3lb7 tag 1485,
Chris Shintani 4lb14 tag 1447 Fly/Salmon Peach 9-4 LV

Ralph Hollach
Ralph Hollack Hunt Bch 3lb2 Jig 9-3 Little V

Patrick Hindmarsh
Patrick Hindmarsh Rescue 3lb3 tag 1419 Chartreuse PB 8-30 Little V

Matt Mueller
Matt Mueller, LA 3lb13 tag 1382 Buoyant 9-2 Little V

Mark Villarreal
Mark Villarreal Moreno Valley 3lb4 1618 Green/orange mice tail 9-2 Trumbull

Lisa Hindmarsh
Lisa Hindmarsh Rescue 2lb15 Chartruse PB 8-30 Little V.JPG

Keith Wilson
Keith Wilson Fort Bragg 3lb2 Salmon Peach powerbait 8-29 TrumbullV

Keith Swanson
Keith Swanson Norco 3lb6 tag 1609, 3lb8 tag 1595 Lures 8-30 Trumbull

Keith Swanson
Keith Swanson Norco 3lb3 tag 1576, 4l3 tag 1602 4#14 tag 1309,
3lb15 tag 01339 4:13 tag 1587 Lure, 9-2 Trumbull

Joel Proudfit
Joel Proudfit Chino 4lb tag 1330 Custom Jig 9-1 Little V

Jim Anderson
Jim Anderson San Diego 4lb9 tag 1350 Little V

Harrison Higaki
Harrison Higaki San Mateo 4lb4 tag 1377, 4lb6 crawlers 9-3 Little V

Arden Gregerson
Arden Gregerson LA 3lb7 tag 1282 crawler 8-29 Little V.

Cameron Yakura
Cameron Yakura Mesa AZ 2lb15 Orange micetail 9-3 Little V

David Mauro
David Mauro, Scott Meehan Lancaster 3lb7 tag 1216, 3lb8 tag 1572,
4lb1 tag 1680, 2lb9 tag 1621 Salmon Pch 8-29 Big V

Eric Oyama
Eric Oyama LA 3lb11 Orange Kastmaster 9-2 Little V

Geoff Donne
Geoff Dionne Brea 3lb8 salmon egg powerbait 9-1 Little V

Geric Johnson
Geric Johnson Glendora 3lb12 tag 1266 rainbow powerbait 9-1 Little V

Fred Comption
Fred Compton La Quinta 3lb5, 3lb7 tag 1305

Keth Swanson
Keith Swanson Norco 2lb6 tag 351 3lb9 tag 1459 Lures 8-28 Little V

Mary Schellberg
Mary Schellberg Paso Robles 3lb12 Powerbait 8-26 Big V.

Richard Ray
Richard Ray Temecula 3lb9 tag 1308 Mice tail 8-24 Little V

Steve Smith
Steve Smith Mexico 3lb3 pinched crawler 8-27 Little V

Zeke Mendoza
Zeke Mendoza age 10 Eastvale 3lb7 tag 1380 Mosquito 8-27 Little V.

Mikey Brown
Mike Brown Lancaster 4lb10 tag 1100 Rainbow powerbait Aug 19 LV

Robert Schubring
Robert Schubring Ventura 3lb7 tag 1483 Gold Kastmaster 8-19  LV

Robert Lopez
Robert Lopez Ventura 3lb8 pink mice tail tag 168 8-16 Little V

Nick Rivera
Nick Rivera Pacific Palisades 2lb7 lure 8-21 Little V

Mikey Brown
Mikey Brown Lancaster 3lb9 tag 1264 Orange PB 8-20 Little V

Mike Krpka
Mike Krupka Ventura 3lb8 Rapala 8-16 Little V

Maritaza Ortiz
Maritza Ortiz Simi Valley 3lb8 Sierra Gold 8/19 Little V

Mario Tosolini
Mario Tosolini torrance 3lb7 org glit PB 8-21 Little V

Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez Bradbury 4lb8 tag 1471 Red/gold Buoyant 8-19 Little V

Jonathan Caballos
Jonathan Ceballos Simi Valley 4lb4 tag 1468 Gold Kastmaster 8-19 LV

Donny Jones
Donny Jones Exeter 3lb3 chartreuse powerbait 8-19 Big V

Craig Borland
Craig Borland Encino 4lb4 worm 8-16 Big V

Brandon Kawasaki
Brandon Kawasaki Monterey Park 3lb7 tag 1281 red/gold Buoyant LV

Renee Lefeburier
Renee Lefeburier Cerritos 4lb3 tag 891 Black Wooly Bugger 8-12 Little V

Ryan Cornelius
Ryan Cornelius Covina 4lb8 fly Catch and Released Little V

Preston Cooper
Preston Cooper age 5 San Diego 3lb2 mini jig 8-9 Little V

PF Lane Corona
PF Lane Corona 4lb5 tag 1113 Fly 8-11 Little V

Molly Kerlin
Molly Kerlin Topanga 2lb8 tag 765 Red/gold buoyant 8-13 Little V

Jeri  Vaillancourt
Jeri Vaillancourt Aliso Viejo 2lb9 hot butt caddis 8-11 Little V

Daryl Simons
Daryl Simons Laguna Nigel 3lb4 mice tail 8-8 big V

Clarence Prado
Clarence Prado Rio Del Mar 3lb9 tag 1117, 3lb2 fly 8-9 Little V

Al Varelas
Al Varelas Huntington Beach 3lb5 powerbait 8-12 Big V

Daryl Simons
Daryl Simons virginia Lakes 3lb9, 3lb4 salmon pch pb 8-11 Big V

Alyssa Giacalone
Alyssa Giacalone Palo Alto 3lb4 pink-white micetail Big V

Bob Whale
Bob Whale Claremont 3lb1 tag 706 Gold streamer 8-6 Little V

Ed Stoll
Ed Stoll Norco 3lb1 tag 1128 rainbow powerbait 8-1 Little V

Giovanni Giacalone
Giovanni Giacalone 1000 Oaks 2lb5, 5lb3 pink/white micetail 8-5 Big V

Harrison Higaki
Harrison Higaki San Mateo 4lb1 salmon peach PB 8-6 Little V

Harrison Higaki
Harrison Higaki San Mateo 4lb4 tag 1104 crawler 8-5 Little V

Hayden Maurice
Hayden Maurice Modesto 2lb15 orange mice tail 8-4 Little V

Jessica Gubler
Jessica Gubler Landers 4lb1 tag 1122 Crawler 8-1-21 Little V

Kay Boyle
Kay Boyle Poway 4lb pinched crawler 8-3 Big V

Mark Willardson
Mark Willardson Encino 3lb5, 2lb8, 4l b2 Midges 8-6 Little V

Michael Churukian
Michael Churukian Glendale 3lb4 powerbait 8-1 Little V.

Wean Owens
Sean Owens Apple Valey 3lb13 tag 1172, 4lb3 tag 1124 8-2 Little V

Steve Fantasia
Steve Fantasia Power 2lb14 pinched crawler 8-3 Big V

Louis Rodriguez
Louis Rodriguez LA 3lb13, 3lb8 tag 1162, 4lb2 tag 1112 7-31 Little V

Landon Enriquez
Landon Enriquez Anaheim 4lb6 tag 115 Worm 7-15 Little V

Chris Dalto
Chris Dalto Kirkland WA 3lb1 woolly bugger 7-11 Little V

Jef Anema
Jeff Anema Artesia 3lb tag 302 Twin lakes special 7-15 Little V

Ken Zapanta
Ken Zapanta lake Forest 4lb tag 300, 3lb4 tag 312 mouse tail 7-12 Big V

Kristin Welch
Kristin Welch Diamond Bar 3lb Buoyant 7-15 Little V

Riley Cotton
Riley Cotton Nevada City 2lb6 crawler 7-15 Little V

Tony Covarrubias
Tony Covarrubias Alhambra 2lb8 powerworm orange glitter 7-15 Little V

Austin Brown
Austin Brown Riverside 3lb2 tag 725 Gorditos Jig Little V

Cindy Belleville
Gary Hurejsi Arcadia 3lb10 Gold/black Kastmaster 7-24 Little V

Gary Hurejsi
Gary Hurejsi Arcadia 3lb10 Gold/black Kastmaster 7-24 Little V

Madison Flexser
Madison Flexser Chino 2lb7 Zeke's 7-19 Little V

Ryan Corta
Corta Riverside 3lb on a Woolly bugger 7-24 Little V

Wyatt Nowak age 6 Redondo Bch 3lb2 green powerbait 7-21 Little V

Darrin Curtis
Darren Curtis San Diego 3lb9 salmon peach powerbait 7-8 Little V

Donald Gum
Donald Gum Oceanside 3lb6 tag 766 salmon peach powerbait 7-10 Little V

Dylan Suzaki
Dylan Suzaki Torrance 2lb13 pink/white mouse tail 7-4 Little V

Jake Paine
Jake Paine Orange County 3lb1 tag 668 3lb1 orange mouse tail 7-4 Big V

Jorge Proveda
Jorge Poveda Ontario 3lb5 tag 646, 3lb8 tag 848 shad minnow 7-4 Little V

Mike Balzano
Balzano Rancho Cucamonga 2lb13 worm 7-7 Little V

Nick Curtis
Nick Curtis San Diego 3lb11, 3lb9, 3lb tag 559, salmon peach powerbait 7-8 Little V

Noe Gomez
Gomez Westminster 3lb9 jig, 7-8 Little V

Robert Margiotta
Robert Margiotta LA 3lb tag 598 pinched crawler 7-9 Big V

Ryder Ollson
Ryder Olson age 6 Whittier 3lb10 gulp worms 7-6 Little V

Stephanie Balzano
Stephanie Balzano Rancho Cucamonga Powerbait 3lb1 7-0 Little V

David Zarate
David Zarate Los Angeles 2lb8 tag 847 grasshopper lure 7-2 Little V

Robert Nishi
Robert Nishi Los Angeles 3lb12, 3lb2 tag 684 pink/white mouse tail 7-2 Little V

Cindy Beggs
Cindy Beggs Chino 3lb12 powerbait 7-3 Little V

Billy Nicola
Billy Nicola Buena Park 3lb5 powerbait 7-3 Little V

Branden Aherns
Braden Ahrens age 12 Sierra madre 3lb5 white jig 7-3 Little V

Brian Cervantes
Brian Cervantes riverside 3lb11, 2lb15 Buoyant 7-3 Little V

Jill Martinez
Jill Martinez Tracy 3lb14 powerbait 7-3 Little V

JD Cisneros
JD Cisneros Van Nuys 4lb7 Buoyant 6-24 Little V

Alyssa Gaches
Alyssa Gaches San Jose 3lb4 tag 582 Buoyant 6-21 Little V

Creighton Morrison
Creighton Morrison Temecula 3lb3 tag 510 Woolly Bugger 6-22 Little V

David Olson
David Olson Huntington Bch 3lb3 tag 702 yellow powerbait 6-23 Little V

Mark Willardson
Mark Willardson Encino 3lb5 Grey midge 6-23 Little V

Mark Willardson
Mark Willardson Encino 3lb9 grey midge 6-24 Little V

Mark Balloid
Mark Balloid Crestline 3lb12 tag 390 crappy jig 6-25 Little V

Spencer Kugler
Spencer Kugler San Jose 3lb8 tag 764 powerworm 6-25 Little V*

Steve Tabor
Steve Tabor Royal Hills 3lb8 tag 653 fly 6-25 Little V.

Jeremy Newton
Jeremy Newton Lake Havasu City 3lb2 tag 716 Blue-silver Kastmaster 6-25 Little V.

Robert Galarza
Roberto Galarza Yucaipa 2lb9 tag 664 pink/white micetail 6-25 Little V.

Michelle Jervix
Michelle Jervis Poway 2lb14 tag 759 Plastic worm 6-26 Big V

Vince Barta
Vince Barta Orange County 3lb5 tag 402 Garlic powerbait 6-26 Little V.

Alssa Gaches
Alyssa Gaches San Jose 3lb Buoyant 6-26 Little V

Victor Theimer
Victor TheimerVictorville 4lb tag 619 powerworm 6-26 Little v

Kassidy ONeal
Kassidy ONeal age 5 Oak Hills 3lb10 tag 382 on a fly 6/18 Little V

Noah Seneto
Noah Saneto Rancho Santa Margarita 4lb6 tag 1073 night crawler 6/13 Little V

Randy Baker
Randy Baker Victorville 2lb6 tag 669 green power eggs 6/13 Big V

Robin Palmer
Robin Palmer La Mirada 3lb15 tag 78 salmon peach 6/15 Little V

Steve Haas
Steve Haas Whittier 3lb7 tag 501 Buoyant 6-16 Little V

Robert Lauprecht
Robert Lauprecht Whittier, 3lb8 tag 452 Rapala 6/16 Little V.

Steve Haas
Steve Haas Whittier 2lb8 tag 690 Rapala countdown 6/17 Little V.

Khris Schmidt
Khris Schmidt Oceanside 3lb12 tag 654 rainbow powerbait 6/18 big V.

Mike Franco
Mike Franco Hesperia tag 442 3lb5 Taz devil 6/18 Little V.

Sierra Zavala
Sierra Zavala Chino Hills Tag 2776 2lb14 red/chrome Buoyant 6/18 little V

Steve Haas
Steve Haas Whittier 3lb3 tag 729 Buoyant 6/18 Little V.

Steve Shiba
Steve Shiba Encino 3lb6 tube jig 6/18 Little V.

Jamie Andrew
Jamie Andrew of Dana Point, 2lb9 tag 839 on powerbait 6-10Little V

Carlos Molina
Carlos Molina of Covina 4lb5 tag 618 corn powerbait 6-10 Little V

Dick Ginise
Dick Ginise of West Hills 3lb5 rainbow powerbait 6-19 Little V

Pat Ginise
Pat Ginise of Union city, 4lb tag 720, 3lb6 tag 597,
3lb6 tag 572 pink powerworm and powerbait 6-11 LV



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